How To Quote A Proper Gate Installation Fee For Customers

Gate installations are important and services have multiple clients coming to them for such projects. They want the gate installed at the lowest price possible as any client would want. What is the right way to give them a great quote that is competitive and fair?

You don’t want to overprice nor do you wish to cut to a point where money is not being made.

Here are five key things to look at when you hope to give a proper gate installation fee for all of the customers who are coming in and asking for installations on their property.



How long do they want the gate to be when it is installed? What about the height of the gate? Do they have specific needs with these measurements or are they fine with anything? You will have to work on the quote based on this as well because the measurements can change how much is being done and the materials being utilized.

You want to account for this as the measurements will have an impact.

Take the measurements multiple times and see how it will be done. You want to do this accurately. Otherwise, the wrong quote could be given.



Are there rocks along the way? What about major holes and bumps that could become a disturbing reality for you? These obstacles are not going to disappear and will have to be removed and repaired before you install the gate for the client. You want to assess the property and really look into this rather than being surprised.

The fee has to take these obstacles into mind and see what is needed to smooth out the location and have it ready to go.

The gate will only be installed when these barriers are eliminated.



What materials will be utilized for the gate installation? What about the tools you will be using? Will you need special tools that will only be used for this project? This will be added onto the actual quote that is being given because the materials are where the costs rise.

You want to not have to pay for the materials on your own because that is the client’s responsibility. This is why most services do not appreciate giving a flat fee where the materials are included in the pre-approved price. You want to assess the actual location before doing this.


Additional Features

Do they want additional features with their gate or are they fine with the regular option you are giving them? There are some clients who wish to have specific doors installed for the gate or other design elements that would not come with the general designs.

If that is true, you want to ask them about this and then add it on top of the quote being given. The installation has to take this into account because if the price of the materials goes up, you will also have to charge more. Some of the design elements might actually take longer to install as well.



The estimator has to assess whether slopes are present where the gate will be installed. The land on which the gate will be installed is not going to be smoothly paved. It will have bumps and slopes in the way which should be accounted for. The cost goes up as the slope increases because the gate would have to be custom-fitted for the slope.

If it was just put in directly, the gate would not stay still and it would most likely fall over which is obviously unacceptable.

This is how to quote a proper gate installation fee for customers. Do not add in tips and other details as that is on the customer’s side of things.


It is also not acceptable to add in the labor immediately because you might be undercutting yourself if the work ends up being a lot more than you had expected. The best thing to do would be to see all of the hurdles and requirements and then make up a custom labor fee for the job. You should be willing to play around with this aspect of the installation.

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